Basic Question -- Multiple Display Outputs

Looking for some information/resources in regards to running different video signals to different monitors.

My setup is quite simple:

  • Signal #1 = HDMI out into a splitter that goes to a rack of old CRT displays
  • Signal #2 = HDMI out into a splitter that goes into another rack of different CRT displays.

How would I go about setting up and controlling my visuals so I can have different images assigned to each signal out? Scrolling through the tutorials and help section and am feeling a bit lost on this, thanks!

This tutorial might be what you are looking for:

There is also a basic Dual Screen Example option in the Templates menu that might work as a good starting point.

Go to “Window” open “Full-Screen Options”. Cmd F does the same.In my setup, I use the Dual DVI out, so I output 4k. My resolution is 1280 x 2400… my output is 2560 x 1600, so I have to assign specific parts of my 4k output to my main VDMX output. As you can see in the attached picture, you can set the output to use either the main output, mix outputs, or layer outputs. You have to play around with the opacity sliders what works in your setup.

What I forgot to mention, the first two outputs (top left and right) control two Martin P3-300 LED controllers, which control 180 Martin VDO Sceptron 10 LED strips. The bottom two, control two projectors. The projectors do the screen on stage. I send 4k to a Datapath X4, which outputs 4 x 1280 x 800.

Thanks David, the tutorial was very helpful but when I went through the steps on my own system it didn’t quite work out how it was supposed to.

Evidently, I also don’t have a dual screen example template, but I have a three screen one that has got me 90% of the way there.

My setup is quite odd in that:

  • From my macbook pro I have two USB-C signals out (right side/left side)
  • Right side goes to an hdmi converter that splits it into 8 analogue signals that all plug into a set of old CRT televisions.
  • Left side is the same thing.

I feel pretty good with the left / right dual setup now, however is there a place I could download the dual screen template from just to try it?

Thanks again for your input and help with this!

Ignore that last request, re-started VDMX and it the dual screen template was there!

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