AVF Batch Converter doesn't seem to work on Big Sur

When I try to convert a video file, the progress bar completely stops at its start point and won’t update at all.

In case the problem won’t be fixed soon, What would be the second reliable codec for VDMX?

When HAP is installed on your computer (this usually happens alongside the VDMX install), you can use another video encoder program. If you are a user of Adobe Creative Cloud (paid subscription), Adobe Media Encoder works. Here’s are three presets I commonly use for that (H.264 with 1 keyframe per frame, HAP, and HAP ALPHA). From there you can fine tune to your liking (adjust crop, scaling, audio, etc.) HAP and H.264 Presets for VDMX.zip (27.4 KB)

If you don’t have adobe CC, there’s MPEGStreamClip, Handbrake, or even Quicktime Player. I’m not sure about the Big Sur compatibility for the others, but maybe AVF Batch will get an update soon to resolve this?

Prores is another codec, although I prefer HAP, or H.264 if I’m looking to save space.

If it’s reproducible, reach out to VDMX support to get the issue documented.

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