Average color from image

hello all !

I was wondering how to create a layer which would be of the average color of a video from another layer.
Would it be possible ?

For now i am sending the image to Touchdesigner through Syphon for processing and then back to VDMX.

Thanks a lot

I’m curious what technique within Touch Designer you use to get the average color?

You might be able to do something like this using a Quartz Composer or Vuo composition loaded as a plugin in VDMX, or an ISF shader that is loaded as a generator, but uses an image input to generate its content.

well, this is not really an accurate “average” but result is ok to me as is : i shrink the image into a very small square like 32x32 using interpolated pixels and blur the image. Or i can directly shrink the image into 1 pix and dilate it back to the final resolution


Yeah, I think that same basic process could be done with a multi-pass ISF that did essentially the same technique you were using in TD – shrink it down to 32x32, blur, then have a final pass that shrinks it down to a 1x1…

If you wanted to take a swing at this yourself, the ‘Multi Pass Gaussian Blur’ ISF example might be a good starting point (but adapt it to be used as a source for a layer, which you’d set to render as 1x1 dimensions) – otherwise I’ll put together a quick example for you when I get a chance!

ok great.
Thanks for the suggestions !

Would it not also be possible to do this same process using a layer tap, a group and FX ?

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