Automation and CPU Optimization


current config is :
Ableton + VDMX
Ableton send Note and control changes using “to VDMX”

I’m using some shaders, on everyone I have input trigger.
My question is :
If I use, for example control changes 1, on fader in different shaders, is using more CPU instead of using 1 control change for 1 fader (when shaders are not running) :thinking: ?

I don’t know if it’s clear ?!

I’m not sure I completely follow what you are describing, but some general notes

  • Shaders run on the graphics card (GPU) not the CPU.
  • Shaders that are applied to a layer, but not active, may use up some memory resources, but not rendering time.
  • It makes very little difference if a single MIDI fader is sending to multiple targets.
  • If you are really trying to push your system to its limits, you can throttle interface updating in VDMX in the preferences to reduce CPU usage.

Hi David,

  • Sorry for the mistake between GPU / CPU
  • ok
  • ok
  • no, I try to gain as much as possible the system ressource, as in live condition it could be hot in the room, the computer could have problem to get fresh air. so maybe it’s a good idea to gain what could be.
    But will take a look to the interface updating option.

Thank you for your answer, I know where to go now !