Audio Visualizer (ISF) Generators in FCP


Just purchased ISF for Motion and when using the Generators in FCP, I can’t seem to get the Audio Visualizers to do anything. There doesn’t appear to be a published parameter for this set of Generators that allows the selection of an audio source. So, all of this class of generators when used across a timeline with an additional audio track, don’t react to said audio source and generate anything at all.

Anyone have an idea on how to link these generators to an audio source so they can actually perform?



Unfortunately I think this is not possible inside FCP or motion you have to use VDMX for the audio reactive things



That’s unfortunate. The audio visualizer plugins were the main reason I purchased the app. They didn’t advertise that only some of the generators work in FCP and Motion. Also, I don’t see why the app would import them to a location for FCP and Motion if they were not compatible with these two apps. To me, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Hopefully, there’s just something I’m missing…



Can you use syphon to send the visuals from VDMX to FCP in real time? Or perhaps use your audio in VDMX to record the realtime visuals to edit into your FCP project? The second solution would only apply if you are editing; not sure about FCPs realtime uses or functionality.