Audio switching between grouped layers - help and ideas?

The project we are working on has a few grouped layers that switch between themselves and we’d like to add more grouped layers. Unfortunatley we also need to switch the audio accordingly.

Is ther a good way to go about it. The TCM doesn’t do audio for grouped layers.

Could you share a screen shot or video example of what you are trying to accomplish?

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 18.03.07

We have the layers under the Live group set up so we can do our performance and everything during that time is also recorded (Video and OSC data), after which we will need to switch to playback mode which should then project just the recorded files with the respective audio.

Ideally we would also like to implement a Loading screen that while switched on mutes all other layers. Before we start any performance we need the layers to have videos loaded as we use that data to stream information through a VUO plugin back onto one of the screen.

Everything gruped under “Live” works now as intended. Audio switches between ‘war - peace 1’ and ‘war peace 2’ as it shoudl and when VDMX switches to the ‘Intermezzo’ layer this then mutes the ‘war - peace 1’ and ‘war peace 2’ layers.

Ideally we would use crosfaders to switch between grouped layers and also mute entire groups, but it doesn’t seem possible.

Have you tried to connect crossfaders to the opacity and audio volume of the layers? Or am I misunderstanding you?

It feels like you would need a trigger at the end of your live video to do the switching. Add a Control surface plugin with a slider using your videos Normalised Time as the data source. Then add an OSC Bool send when the slider value = 1 (true). Use this to turn on the top layer (composition mode = OpenGL Over) to hide what’s below. You could probably set this up to automatically start/stop the recording and switch… fiddly tho :)

Good suggestions, I have tried that and it is an improvement on what we have for now. Unfortunately it still doesn’t solve the issues. I would need the audio on the lower level layers to stay off if a layer/grouped layer above is active.

The switching is automated through OSC and it can’t be turned off.

For example, when I make the Loading layer visible, everything underneath should stay muted. But with the connections to the crosfaders, as soon as the TCM between War-Peace and Intermezzo will change it will turn on one of the audios, even if the TCM between Loading and Live has switched it off.

We kind of need the audio to respect the hierarchy of the layers as we design them.

Have you tried Hold On End for your live video layer. This would solve the audio issue with the TCM not fading the audio on grouped layers.

That unfortunately also wouldn’t work as we need the layers to continue to play as the switching between some of the layer groups is also automated and there is no knowing how long we stay in one layer with the designated media bin.

If you have the switching working you could mute the audio using the same OSC switch.

Ok, it could work with 2 TCM, the first has the grouped video layers, the second just the live recording. This will work if they are in sequence TCM1 > TCM2. On the second TCM you use its data source /TCM 2/rightOpacity to fade down the grouped video layers audio (attach the data source to both faders). So the grouped layer audio fades as the live recording is cut or faded up. It can also work in reverse. The images shows the possible TCM data sources:

Hope that makes sense.

I have found something as an alternative. I am now ejecting the videos when switching from Live to Playback and when switching back reloading everything. The TCM under that take care of the other muting and it works. I have reorganised a few layers to make this work better also.

Now I am at the last hurdle to have a Logo being toggled regardless of which layer group I’m and it muting the rest. This part is ok, going back is a bit harder since reloading all the layers underneath would again turn on layers that should stay muted.

One option would be to have three individual buttons to enter the 3 respective modes: Live, Playback and Logo, but I would like for the buttons to be able to only turn on and not off. Those will be tied to VUO buttons in a separate window.

OK, resolved. This setup with action buttons should do the trick.