Audio input from iTunes?

With previous versions of MacOS I used soundflower… what are the options now to get a direct feed from what’s playing on my computer (like iTunes) as the line in for the clock or audio analysis?

Loopback from Rogue Amoeba works great for this. You can set up as many virtual devices as you want from any input source, including iTunes, Spotify, your DAW or your web browser. These can be selected in the Audio Analysis Input Device drop down.

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If you want freeware Blackhole works fine for me on Ventura.

This looks like a solid option. I’m on Big Sur.
I’m hesitant with freeware though, do you think there’s any risk for bugs or hax?

Blackhole is pretty legit, I think.

Blackhole (free) or Loopback (paid), my choice is Loopback as it has a much easier workflow / UI and it can help with weird routing set ups. I switched to Loopback to help with recording sound coming from media playing inside VDMX / Resolume.

I use Audio Hijack with Blackhole 64ch and it works great.