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hi folks, anyone around here having experience with or knowledge of the use of an audio extraction tool feeding vdmx seperate audio signals of the instruments?



What kinda systems are you thinking about?



That‘s actually the question. It should work with live feed and no delay. Okay, let’s say minimal delay. AudioSourceRE maybe?



Are you talking about capturing Audio on your mac and recording it or pulling audio in from an external source?

There are a number of VDMX users who make use out of external (USB) audio capture devices to pull in live sound from Instruments, Drums, Microphones. The latency will be dependant on your capture device and computer processing power + your audio buffer settings.

If you’re trying to capture audio directly on your machine, something like AudioHiJack should work for that.



Sorry for being fuzzy. It’s not about recording but feeding VDMX with different audio signals. The idea is to analyze external live audio input (mainly an EDM master output) to its instruments. There’s no access to the audio tracks before the master mix.



If you plug in USB capture devices you can select various inputs with Audio analysis and then use that in your VDMX project however you like.

Maybe you can ask CutMod since they’ve been using VDMX to trigger shows through audio for years now.

Description: Some highlights from Author & Punisher’s NYE set at Great American Music Hall, San Francisco 12/31/2014 Visuals and lights with VDMX. Wireless MIDI input from stage via Starr Labs AirPower2.


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I have found the use of external USB sound devices I love my K-MIX as extra midi control of the audio gain/frequency spreads hardware wise. And for software I find Loopback to be super helpful to handle sends and multiple audio analysis sources.

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BI think you can also send audio over NDI network as well. Which would eliminate the need for any USB audio devices on your system.

Your performer’s system can just send them over the network via NDI to you

This Says it’s new in NDI5 , not sure VDMX works with it. But that may not be an issue if your able to somehow have it show up as a standard Mac audio interface (virtual)

NDI Audio Direct