Audio analysis is not receiving signal

Audio analysis from internal speakers is not receiving signal after update to Mojave.
any suggestions/ideas what might be the issue?
any support would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot!

also updated to VDMX Version b0.

We haven’t had any similar reports, a few notes / questions…

  1. For future reference, usually the best thing to do when you run into any problem is to send us a bug report via the help menu, this will send us all your system info and let you attach a project. If the notes below are not of any use, please do this and include your email address so we can follow up.

  2. Just to confirm, if you open the System Preferences under Sound, you should see a sound level indicator, and it appears to be working as expected here?
    (from this panel you can also adjust the overall input gain on the microphone)

  3. As of Mojave Apple has placed a level of permissions control when applications try to access the camera / microphone (similar to how you get alerts on iOS). Usually this happens only once the first time you go to use the microphone in VDMX. If you had gotten this pop up message, but accidentally told the OS to not give VDMX permission to use the microphone, you can go into the System Preferences under Security & Privacy, and look under the Privacy tab for the microphone access. Offhand this would be my guess, here is a link to a 3rd party article that talks a bit more about camera / mic permissions in Mojave,

– DL

Thanks for your feedback David
you’ re right here’s the sollution
“go into the System Preferences under Security & Privacy, and look under the Privacy tab for the microphone access”

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I’m having this same issue for a new MacBook Pro install - no signal into Audio Analysis on Mojave. This is VDMX and Mojave 10.14.6.

Audio works fine in other apps like QuickTime.

This could be related to the Permissions issue above. in System Preferences under Microphone, VDMX is not listed and so presumably has not asked for, and does not have permission to use it.

Interestingly, ISF Tester does work OK - and is listed as having permission to use the Mic.

I’ve tried reinstalling VDMX, but no change. Anyone have any other ideas?

Hey Drainaway!

Download the b8.7.1.8 update – minor change to the ‘entitlements’ related to the audio input :p

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All seems to be well. Thanks v much.

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