Assigning a button to a live camera feed

Is there a step or different process to do this that’s different than how you would assign a media clip?

Things seem to be working great for assigning buttons to media but every time I try and do it for a live camera feed, it won’t register.

Assigning triggers to clips in the media bin works the same way for live inputs (as well as other real-time feeds such as Syphon / NDI / etc) as it does for video clips or real-time generators.

Usually the process for this is to use the Media Browser (cmd+3) window or to right-click on an empty cell, and adding the live input to the page.

There are a number of tutorials that demonstrate this,

If you can walk us through exactly the steps you are following perhaps we can figure out where things are going wrong.

Here are the steps I am going through –

  1. Right clicking the empty cell in my right screen trigger and assigning my camera feed to it.

  2. Test that it works and when I click on the cell, it activates to the live feed.

  3. Click on the cell, go to --> Plugins --> Right Screen Trigger --> Media Bin Options and hit detect and try and assign it a command. It intstead assigns the command to the next available media clip.

Ok so now I am realizing that you have to assign keystrokes to each cell in order, does this seem right? As in, if there are 4 clips with unassigned buttons and I select the 3rd one, it will automatically assign the 1st clip that isn’t assigned a button?

It sounds like you’ve more or less figured it out – the media bin triggers each correspond to a particular ‘cell’ in the media bin, starting with the first cell; the shortcuts aren’t to specific clips, they are to whatever is in the cell that they are currently highlighting.

This comes into play in two useful ways:

  1. You can change between pages of clips without having to reconfigure all of your shortcuts
  2. The media bin has a ‘control’ tab which includes settings that let you adjust the ‘transpose’ within a page so you can move the set of trigger shortcuts around within the current page.

You might find this tutorial useful,

Beyond that a useful technique that I will sometimes use for situations where I want to set up something of a global ‘cut to blah’ option for a layer, I’ll add an extra media bin to my project, set up a new page that has only one clip (a movie, a still image, a live input…) and then configure a special shortcut just for that. I’ll do this along with the more traditional setup of having a sets of clips that I am jamming on.

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