Are nexmosphere sensors are compatible with vdmx

Hello to the community, I was wondering if the nexmosphere motion sensors
can be recognised by vdmx and attach them toi sliders and buttons in VDMX.
I connected an inerface but not seem to be recognised, and i dont know if there are some setting s to be adjusted.
All the best!!!

I would reach out to the company directly and ask them if their receiver / interface can send out OSC or MIDI data.

Or if it is a “pick up sensor” you could easily make something similar with an ESP8266 (bluetooth or wifi), 3.3-3.7V battery, and accelerometer. Then have that send out OSC data. <$10

X-talk interface
Connect a wide range of sensors, buttons, LEDs, or any other Nexmosphere Element to create your unique shopper experience. Due to auto-configuration, no additional setup is required for seamless operation.
• Plug and smile interface
• Compatible with any of the Nexmosphere Elements
• Providing power to the connected Elements for easy system wiring