APC40 MKII Template not working?

I’ve tried downloading the template found here.
But I can’t get it to populate or open in VDMX.
I tried both the FX and blank versions. and appended VDMX5 to the files, but can’t get either to open in the latest version of VDMX5.
Would rather not have to start entirely from scratch there if there’s a simple solution I’m missing.

Hi @di-ty,

What version of VDMX are you running? Are you importing the template into your templates folder? Or are you trying to load it as a project?


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User error.
Importing it to the templates folder was the step I didn’t try. I was trying to use manage it within VDMX and then opening it with VDMX instead of locating the templates folder.

I’m hoping to remap the MKII template for the og APC40, it looks like some things already are still mapped. Will work on it to see if anything needs fixing and upload if there’s anything that is fixed.

Thanks for the prompt reply - brain hasn’t kicked in yet today.

No worries, glad you figured it out! That’s what the forums are for (so others can figure it out too!)

Still working around with translating this template to OG APC40
I’m wondering if the Track Selection buttons that re-map the “Scene Change Rotary” control surface can work in a way that the “SCR” knobs on the control surface update as you cycle between each Track button on the APC.
Or would each track needs its own Control Surface?