APC40 MK2 with vdmx


Hello, I understand that English is a bad thing because it is a foreigner.
I am a beginner of vdmx but I have a problem that I can not solve.
When you give a MIDI signal to vdmx with apc40 mk2
Problems that occur.

  1. I finished the apc40’s osc color and MIDI setup with the control surface, but there are problems.
    You may understand this English with a translator,
    After connecting the MIDI and vdmx, pressing the button activates the color, but it is a crying signal like ableton, not a feeling when you turn off the signal.

I hope you understand this English T.T
So I am curious about the way of intuitive MIDI signals like ableton. t.t



So, you would like the color to change when you press the button?

Thank you,