APC40 mk2 configuration to use with VDMX

Hello everybody.

I read at length all the articles (vidvox, web,…) that deal with the configuration of APC40 mk2 with VDMX, but I can’t have any satisfactory result. There are controls that cancel each other, values that go from 0 to 0.001 when they should be from 0 to 1, APC modes for which you have to go through third party programs, … Many people talk about manipulations with the SysEx protocol :nerd_face:, unfortunately I don’t understand what this is all about and cannot elaborate a simple process. It’s a bit annoying because I would really like to be able to use this controller to the maximum of its possibilities.

Would one of you be so kind as to share a complete and simple method to use the APC40 mk2 like any other controller, as in other programs (ex. MadMapper, Resolume, Modul8,…)? In these, it works very well without the need to have special manipulations :grimacing:.

Which method do you suggest? Thanks for your help :+1:

Hey Nico!

I’ve got a start for an mk2 template, but I’ve never found a completely generalized version that I like to use - it always ends up being a custom creation very specific to the project that I’m working with.

I’ll see if I can dig up something that covers some of the broad strokes as a good starting point to share.

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