Anyone using iPads?



I have found a great use for an iPad to assist in controlling VDMX5. It involves the app named Astropad. When your iPad is directly wired via USB to your Mac, it keeps the iPad charging, and makes Astropad even more useful; without relying on a WiFi network. Also, there is no latency when hardwired.

Astropad server, running on the Mac, allows you to crop an area of your Mac screen, in my case, the media bin with visual thumbnails of the clips showing. So my iPad’s screen is full of the visual bin clips to trigger via touch screen. What you see visually, is what you get. You don’t have to try to match blank hardware buttons from a MIDI controller to each clip.

I am trying to not use the mouse to trigger clips. I am also using my Korg nanoKontol and Korg padKONTROL to do mouse-free control of everything else. Sure, the iPad can be used with programs like TouchOSC, and others to control VDMX5; but the advantage of directly touching an image to trigger it with Astropad works fantastically. I am waiting for Apple to make OSX with a touch interface; so, until then!

Any other iPad techniques to share?


I’m curious if people are using this feature that lets them use iOS devices as video inputs, and if so, which apps do they find to be cool to use?

For example, Thicket seems like it’d be a fun generator to use as an input,


GeometriCam works well as a live input.

The gestural interface of TC-Data and its synth counterpart TC-11 lends itself to being piped in as a source.

I keep apps like GoVJ and TouchViz around for kicks, and as a secondary ‘deck’ to let others have a mess-around on a playground layer if the situation is right.


Thicket works great with the ipad input into VDMX. Loads of fun.


New iPad Pro has interesting new possibilities
with horsepower and usb-c now :zap:️!!!

Hmmmm vdmx client for iOS possible in future?
Already thinking of getting all my clips to this device…
1TB would be enough for a good gig… :))