Anyone Use the Software Lumen with VDMX?

Hey everyone, hoping this question is in the right area. Technically not a VDMX question, but hoping the community here can help

If you are familiar with the app Lumen - it was a great app for recreating classic video synth effects.

I bought a license ages ago on my old 2012 MBP - but now I am wanting to install it on my MBP M1

I have the old .dmg file and shockingly installed it easily on my M1 - but my license predictably wont work because it was installed on my old machine

Im trying to see if the person I gave my old computer to can de-register the license so i can install it on here

but the big concern is…they dont make the software anymore, and the website is down.

Has anyone had experience with deregistering their license with this app?

The website seems to be up and working?

weird. Its not working for me - maybe its because I am in Mexico - but also, that makes no sense, lol - i get time out errors when trying to visit the site

Yep, for whatever reason - the site is blocked in Mexico. Thankfully i will attempt to contact their support - a friend sent me the email off the site

Are you using a VPN?

Got it all sorted, thanks so much - VPN worked - i was able to contact people at Lumen and they deregistered the license for me right away :)

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