Anyone successfully capturing video at 60fps over USB?


Has anyone achieved smooth 60fps into VDMX over USB? I get skipped frames which is a problem as I’m doing image magnification onto large screens. To date I’ve had mostly good success with Blackmagic devices at 60fps but annoyingly they don’t support my camera at 1080p60, only 720p60.
I’ve tried the AJA UTAP-SDI and Magewell SDI adapter - which do work with my camera - but usually drop numerous frames, while occasionally doing 60fps for a stretch. I’ve messed with the render settings but not found a combination that improved things.

VDMX drops frames at all resolutions when at 60fps, so it’s not strictly a performance issue.

Using OBS with buffering on I get smooth 60fps but after a substantial delay.

I’m currently using a 2015 MacBook Pro (but have a 16" on order :-).

My hope is that VDMX can do 60fps somehow but with less buffering than OBS.




I now have the new 16" MacBook Pro (i9 2.4GHz, 8GB 5500M, 32GB) and still mostly see just 30fps over USB…



Not sure about the 60’s… but using several sources here same time…
Got good and tons of bad adventures with professional hardware in many ways already…

… started to use IOS devices as input/browsers… (like older and newer iPad’s)
works much better and faster in re/connection /even after crashes!!!
… like for GoPros as separate router per cam + input…
… or way much more content you are able to connect and display…