Any Tips for VDMX playback lagging?


I’m pretty good at debugging and I can’t figure out why all of sudden VDMX will start lagging in playback.

I try to eject all clips, turn FX all off and it doesn’t help. The only thing I can think of is that I load some clip with a H264 codec. I notice Activity monitor that VDMX with have some VTDecoder processes happening. I think there something that get stuck in the processing that is still trying to decide those even those they’ve been ejected.

When I quit and reopen VDMX with the same clips that were playing, it’s back to normal.

Anyone have any ideas?




Can you share some of your h264 video files to look at? In my experience it is usually due to H264 not having a key frame for every frame.

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I still trust HAP over H264.



Yeah I still need to convert clips to hap



Or if you encode H.264 correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems getting 2x plays speeds out of that codec (but sound will be lower priority, not good for A/V performances). If you want 5x, then ya, HAP is the way to go. Apple Intermedia Codec still works, but it is legacy, and I’m curious to test playback speeds of ProRes vs. HAP with latest gen MacBook Pro (M1 Max).