Any gpu hardware test? (not benchmark tool)


Anyone have suggestions for app to test if gpu hardware is functioning correctly?

I’m convinced im having issues w my gpu but its kinda intermittent - so based on previous experience w apple troubleshooting gpu failure - its not worth having apple look at it unless i have something more concrete.

I am running a 16" mbp i9 / AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB

Vdmx used to max out the gpu, but at some point it started maxing out around 40% usage.

So either it was is update and the activity monitor is inaccurate or something is wrong w the hardware. Even while running only vdmx, temps are mid 70s/80 and cpu usage is low. Unless the gpu is overheating and its not indicated int he intel power gadget temp.

Vdmx fps is low, so not sure the bottle neck or why its not using more gpu.

I am also having weird glitchy scrubbing through ae comp after things are rendered to ram, and the go pro webcam video is totally glitch.



You could give EtreCheck a go and see if it pulls up any hardware / software flags:

I think Tech Tools also has some benchmark tests. In my experience a bottleneck is usually some combination of things, except for the 2009 Mac Tower that had a recalled Nvidia GPU and a 2012 MBP that had a recalled Nvidia GPU (That a heat gun and reflow fixed).

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thank you.

Apologies, i couldn’t find it but I’m sure I’ve ask about this issue before - where you also recommended etrecheck.

I think my issues started after an os update, and have only been getting worse. I would prob just live w vdmx running slower than it was, but gave up and bought a new to me imac pro for my day job w after effects. the ae stuttering was making things difficult. Also after working at home fulltime for 2 yrs, i was long overdue for a proper desktop machine for work.



No worries. New title thread might help someone else find this forum through a search.

The first time I hit a hardware / software issue on a 2012 MBP, I stumbled upon EtreCheck and found out that my failing battery, paired with some incorrect permissions was boggling down my machine. From then on, I run it often enough to appreciate all that it has to offer. Sort of like a car and doing preventative maintenance before your transmission dies.



contacted tech tool support - tech tool pro does do hardware testing for graphics card but not on all machines. It is limited by what info apple has provided. So the 16" intel mbp can only be tested by apple. They also said it was rare for graphics cards to fail.

I’m also not sure its normal for users to max out the gpu for 3-5hrs

I am going to try doing a clean os install see how that goes. I was also testing performance on my new imac pro. seem to be having similar bottle neck issues, so must be one of the effects i am using. I also suspect that 10.15.7 activity monitor is not correctly showing gpu usage - the imac is also peaking at 50% ish usage.

using this too - - seems to show that the gpu is maxed out … but i don’t generally recommend this tool, it not totally obvious how to read its gpu chart. I seem to remember it using more resources than I expected on my mbp.



Do you have an internal vdmx proj / set up to stress/performance test / benchmark machines?

Could be useful for users.

Personally Im just throwing stuff at the imac pro that would slow down my mbp - but those effects could just be older / slow. thinking specifically of the rutt era effect.

Thank you for the help.



On older machines, I just open up the livid ohm template within VDMX. It’s a pretty good stress test :slight_smile:

Over the years, I’ve switched out a lot of .qtz FX for .FS and noticed performance increases on my machines. Now with the new M1 Max MBP, it doesn’t seem to matter.

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