Another beginner question -

Been making my way through the tutorials but getting stuck on a few specifics I was hoping to get some clarification on —

  1. So far I’ve figured out how to get my set to work, using the “Dual Screen Example” template, but I am not sure how I can get my media clips to be triggered using the keyboard set up (q,w,e,r,t,y etc.)

  2. On that same note, I notice when I import clips into the right screen trigger, I will click on one clip and it will also highlight the other, blending the two together. My goal here is to setup various media clips for both the right and left screen trigger, where I can switch each feed via keyboard short cuts (instead of having to click on the square).

  3. When I create a new layer, how can I assign it to either the right screen or left screen side? Currently it does this odd cropping where a piece of it can be seen on both screens, but just on the edges.

Appreciate the insights!


  1. Go to WorkSpace Editor -> Plugin -> Left Screen Trigger -> Detect -> press your keyboard key

  2. Go to WorkSpace Editor -> Files -> left column press “+” : now you have to page you need set them on each media bin called “Left Screen Trigger and Right Screen Trigger”

  3. cf capture

have fun

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Thank you, very helpful!

If you don’t mind, I had a quick follow up question!

Is there a way to live switch effects on the clips as they are playing?

Specifically –

While the media is playing, I can hit a key to active the FX, then hit it again to switch it off.

the same way you trigger clip you can trig every button fader …
just hit the button / fader you wish to trig then do detect -> hit the key

you will find further information here :