Amplitude-Modulated LFOs and other MIDI fun

Hey folks. I’ve been working on incorporating a TouchOSC interface into my setup.

Right now, the effect I’m going for is an amplitude-modulatable LFO. The idea is to take a MIDI slider’s output, map its value to some value between zero and one, and multiply it by the value coming from the LFO. I figure the “do math” flag is the place to start, but I’m not sure what syntax VDMX expects here, or if there might be a simpler solution I’m not aware of.

I’m after some other quirky control solutions too… Like, I’d love to use TouchOSC to toggle between modulation sources. For example, if(/MIDI/ch. 1/ctrl [1] == TRUE), map LFO 1 Ramp to some parameter. Usually I just right-click and picking a source, but that’s a little clunky for me in a performance context.

Thanks everyone!

Here is the list of Operators of the Do Math function.

You can achieve the effect your looking for with the following steps.

  1. Create a LFO and a Control Surface with 2 sliders.
  2. Map slider 1 to the output of the LFO
  3. Add a Num FX to the first slider and add a Multiply
  4. Map the second slider to the value of the multiply and disable the are vals normalized check box
  5. Map your midi controller output to the second slider and disable the are vals normalized check box

This will result in the second slider working as a amplitude modulator for the LFO. Unfortunately there is not a way to map the the Y value of the LFO directly in the UI inspector

‘Do Math’ is most definitely one of the dark arts and will lead to a life of chaos, its a double factoid !! :)