Alternative for TouchOSC?

Is anyone aware of an app like TouchOSC that can port thumbnails from the media bin?
Been triggering clips from an iPad, but have to look at the media bin’s thumbnails on VDMX to select the corresponding clip from a blank toggle button array in TouchOSC.
Any suggestions to truly ‘step away from the computer’?

Don’t know about thumbnails, but osc pilot can receive NDI

you can check Open Stage Control

i haven’t tested this myself, but one possible hack could be to use Duet Display (the external screen app), turning the connected ipad into an external screen and then put the media bin on that screen. The app treats iPad touches as OS mouse clicks.

i don’t think i’d add something like this to my production setup both for the CPU cost of running yet another external screen plus the amount of things and connections that could break down, but, it IS an option … would possibly work quite okay in informal settings.

(as I type this out i wonder if i got this idea from somebody here ages ago? so i’ll credit “vdmx community” for this McGyver idea :smile:)

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