Adjusting same property of multiple layers/plugins simultaneously?


Dear gurus, is there a secret / hack / clever way to adjust the same property of multiple objects (layers, plugins, assets) at once?

For example I have project with 18 layers, and need to adjust one or more more setting on all of them, to the same value, for example blend mode. Right now I have to do this 18 times, where each adjustment involves for each layer selecting the desired layer, finding the layer’s relevant inspector, scroll to relevant property, adjust. Or, I have 15 media bins, have to correct the same setting for all of them, thats also at multiple steps pr media bin. And so on.

In other apps - not as modular and complex as VDMX for sure - I am mostly used to being able to select all objects/regions/items/whatever, if they are the same or similar object, their inspector can then adjust any of their common properties at once. So I can adjust all tracks in a DAW at once for example, or all clips in FCPX. Not everything of course, but what is common, can be edited in one go.

I am okay with the answer being “no”, I appreciate the complexity of VDMX a lot, which might make this impossible, just want to be sure i’m not wasting my clicks :))))))



You could make a Control Surface - add a slider to that - and connect each parameter to the slider.
Moving that slider would control all properties at once…

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Thanks! For some properties that I frequently adjust and is available to control with a control surface that makes sense, super!

Unfortunately most adjustments i’m thinking of in this context aren’t controllable like this, as an example media bins and their display options, i often need to adjust grid size of multiple bins to the same grid, but I can only select one at a time in the inspector so have to do the same operation over and over for each bin.



VDMX has a duplicate function which is available for Plugins, layers and groups. For your Media Bin example just set up the first Media Bin how you like and then use the duplicate function (see attached image). You can also create a template from your workspace which is particularly useful for layouts or components you use on a regular basis. For new Media Bins the aspect ratio and columns values have to be changed manually.