Adding URL sources


Anyone know how to add urls to the source selection? my list only has a couple in there and I don’t know where to add more?



You cannot manually add URLs into that drop down menu, but you can set custom URLs and add them to the media bin.

Option 1: create a webloc file on your desktop and drag and drop into the media bin like you would any other media clip. More info on pulling a webloc file from safari here:

Option 2: Create a URL and manually configure it.

Right click in the media bin, add a URL. Go to the Workkspace Inspector, and click on the URL “media” then you can see where you can enter a custom URL. To change the name, double click on the file name (e.g. called MySite in this image).

Enter your custom URL. Hit Apply. Then Set the Icon and you can trigger that page whenever.

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Thanks so much! :metal:

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Check out VUO plugin to do this for you