Accelerate LFO with do Math


Is there a way to multiply the speed of an LFO when it is affected to a fader using “do Math ?”

Thank you


I found one solution is to add an LFO eg : ramp that I edit to obtain the good speed
but I still like to know if there is a way using do Math

I was able to use Do Math by using UI Inspector to inspect my fader that’s assigned to the LFO, check Do Math, divide the value to slow down the ramp LFO

Sketch attached

Thank you for your answer Justin
but it’s working with division but not with multiplication and of I course I wanted to accelerate not slow down, well I want both ^^

I’ll have to try a few things myself with Do Math.

But here’s another approach, if you’re just using a ramp for the LFO, why not assign your slider to the Clock, then you can adjust the clock speed with a multiplier. Not as flexible as an LFO, I know.

because I’m in sync with Ableton ;)
but the idea was pretty good

More on Do Math thx to @2bitpunk

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