About the Starving Artists Discount

Put your skills to work helping out the VDMX community and you can get a FULL license of VDMX5 for only 199 USD.

How To Get The Starving Artists Discount

Getting the discount on VDMX5 is easy – pick one of the ideas from the listing below and send us an email support@vidvox.net with your proposal.

  1. Write a blog post documenting how you plan on using VDMX for a project and a follow up post when the project is complete.
  2. Record a new video tutorial (about 2-5 minutes) on a topic not already covered.
  3. Translate an existing tutorial into another language.
  4. Create and share an original set of Creative Commons licensed sample movies or Quartz Composer compositions.
  5. Send us a proposal with your own idea!

Students, Teachers and Schools

If you are currently enrolled in, employed by, or yourself an educational institution, please send us an email, support@vidvox.net, to get an automatic discount on VDMX5.


Love this policy ! all software should be available like this :)