Ableton Live Mode (Dump Mode)?

I want to utilize all the keys of apc40 mk2.
Can you create a configuration to enable Ableton Live Mode (Dump Mode)?

You can use the SysEx Librarian application and send the sysex-commands to put the controller in Live Mode yourself before launching VDMX. SysEx Librarian is free of use.

It’s better to ask Vidvox to add some sort of Sysex-command up/download plugin. That way more controllers could be easily programmed from within VDMX.

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thank you for the reply.
I’m using Ableton Live Mode with SysEx Librarian.
But every time you start, you have to play.
I wonder how to play automatically.

Learn to use Apple Automator and automate the task of opening the Sysex-file with SysEx Librarian and after that tell it to open VDMX. That shouldn’t be that hard i guess.

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