Ableton Link Sync


Anyone used this successfully?
I’m trying to get clock from a DJ I work with from his Serato. Followed their setup for Serato.
Shows I’m a client. VDMX shows client connected. But the BPM does not change at all.



I’m using it with Ableton itself without issue.



Are you using it on the same computer or over network?



Over Network.
I think it has to do with how you send the sync from Serato. The DJ doesn’t use any of the sync buttons and is using only one turntable and instant doubling to Deck A.

I’ve just run a long RCA cord from his mixer to my input and use Waveclock. Waveclock is pretty bang on. I can step outside for a smoke and my step sequencers just follow the BPM of what he’s doing so no one notices I’m gone.

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Using VDMX and ableton both has link over network - work fine

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