4k Video Mixer suggestions please


hi folks,

hoping someone here might have some great ideas on what’s out there to approach 4K signal mixing, i’m out and about at moment doing festivals across Europe and the USA and more and more setups are using a 4K scaler as their basis for a pixel map to multiple screens, which is all good and not a problem for modern Mac’s but I am running into an issue with using the Roland V-1HD HDMI mixer. I have been using this mixer for 8 years or so, as I very much appreciate having the ability to black the screen should anything go weird with the live laptop, no audience member is keen to see a log in screen after they’ve paid for their tickets ! so i appreciate being able to run black to the screen if necessary, and also i regularly have a second machine connected to allow for fun transitions, and also a fail safe should the A machine fall over (because computers…)

so its annoying that in these instances with 4K setups, the Roland is no use

Obviously the form factor is ideal of the V-1HD, and is very portable, i’m not keen to start carrying a truck full of equipment around to offer some contingency but would love to hear what’s out there that might be useful, a simple web search doesn’t yield many options… would love a 4K roland but Sense looking at their product range thats a fair way off yet … :(

Thanks in advance all !

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I think the Roland V-600UHD might be one of the only ones. Unless BlackMagic releases a 4K UHD version of their popular ATEM minis. An alternative, would be to use an intermediate computer with two 4K capture cards (or NDI) that outputs your final signal.

Some of the other NDI alternatives (essentially mixing the 4K NDI streams that come in over LAN), is outputing NDI to 4K.

I think NDI is the “less expensive” way for getting multiple UHD 4K video streams into one computer to run as a mixer. Maybe someone else has an alternative to this?



A second computer NDI/mixer solution would be the most flexible and relatively easy to replace if there was a hardware issue mid tour. It could also act as a failover if the incoming NDI stream dropped. You can buy two basic Mac Studios with 10Gb Ethernet for half the price of a Roland V-600UHD. Alternatively for a hardware solution there’s the DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder.

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