3 Channel EQ for Audio


Anyone have any information on a way I can EQ some of the audio coming through my source ?
Something simple like a 3 channel EQ.



It depends on your computer or setup, but you can do something like that with Ableton, AudioHijack, Loopback, etc. Just depends on what your hardware and version of OSX are.



I have loopback and I can feed audio in through any music playing app, I was specifically looking for a way to EQ from within VDMX.

I’m really new to vdmx and just going through tutorials, hoping to find some way I could program my own plugins, the audio analysis plugin would be a good start because it already is reading the 3 bands, I just need a way to adjust the gain for each band.
The reaosn i want to do it all in VDMX, is more related to my midi controllers. I am using the numark dj2go and the akai midi mix, I’m hoping to come up with some setup in which I am only using vdmx for audio and video, since I would only need a cross fade and 3 band EQ for audio and I can create some custom setup that can combine audio and video, like I say just learning, so maybe this is not the best way to do it, when I can easily use a dj app and vdmx together with loop audio.