2 APC controller

I’m using a APC40 and want to add a APC20 to control a second seperate media bin.

Since they both transmitting the same midi notes, they now control both the bins from one device,.

I cant seem to find an option to set a specific controller for the midi trigger input for media bin, while you can set a output devices.

Is this currently possible ? Or can this be added … either as a global for the media bin, or include in the learn option, that it also adds the device next to the channel and note ?

I hope someone can help me with this…


Hey Jay,

I don’t think there is anything you can do directly within VDMX, but here is a slightly round-about method you can use if you don’t mind mucking with Max or Processing or some other basic creative coding tool that lets you mess around with MIDI data.

  1. Within the VDMX preferences you can disable specific devices (eg your APC20)
  2. Within Max, use the MIDI input objects to receive all incoming data from specifically the APC20, change its channel number, and then send the data back out to VDMX (either using the ‘To VDMX’ routing option or using an IAC Bus configured from Audio MIDI Setup)

Hope that makes sense… I could probably wrangle together a basic example if needed…

Hi David,

Thanks, will try to use Plogue Bidule for now to get this working.

Would be nice to either

have the option to filter between all midi inputs ot just one device per media bin,

or have like a preferences settings, which enables / disables record midi note with device ID … instead of only notes…

Hope this can become a feature request.