Waveclock problem


hi! my waveclock looks broken — it can’t measure bpm correctly.

i route my audio through loopback and everything always works fine till a moment i didn’t catch. vdmx receives audio, so ‘audio analysis’ plugin works ok as well as ‘clock’ plugin get audio to waveclock but then it shows 114.84 bpm (always this number) and doesn’t change it even if i stop/mute audio.

what it could be?



Hi vitbit!

You may need to set your audio input device to use a sample rate of 44.1 khz to get the best results with Waveclock. You can adjust this with the Audio MIDI Setup utility on your Mac.
(We have a branch of VDMX that fixes this by converting the incoming audio to 44.1 khz on the fly if needed, but it is part of a lot of other audio related changed (that fix similar sorts of edge cases) that we haven’t put into public production yet.)

If that isn’t the case, please send us a bug report via the Help menu!

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that’s in it! thanks, David, you saved my next weekend gig)



Hi there

It seems that I have the same problem. Unfortunately, the MIDI device I‘m using supports 48 kHz only. Does anyone know a workaround or something?

Thank you for your help!