Trigger same clip on all layers


I have a hard time wrapping my head around this:

I have one media bin with one clip in slot 1. I am using the same clip on five layers. Now, I want to be able to start the clip on all layers with a button in a Control Surface.

I go to the Media Bin on a layer, go to the inspector, add a trigger and connect the trigger to my button in the Control Surface. This works, but only for the current layer. If I go to a new layer and add a trigger, this triggers the second (empty) slot in the Media Bin.

So, how can I create one button to start the clip in the first slot of the Media Bin for all my layers?

I hope you can help!
Br, Donleavy



An example of this:


Open the 4 Layer VJ Starter template.

Open up the Workspace manager (command + 1)

Goto Plugins > Media Bin 1

Then click detect in the trigger tab of the media bin options. Select your button. Now it will trigger all four clips in the same position of the media bin at the same time. ( I chose the keyboard button q for my example).



Thank you for always answering my questions!

So, the solution here is that I should use separate media bins for my layers, right? Instead of only one MediaBin with one clip used on all my layers…

Br, Dl



Correct. The media bin has a destination for the clip. If you want different destinations then create a media bin for each. You can then use the modular nature of VDMX to collapse them all into one section of your screen.



Thank you! It worked (even though I had to connect the button to all media bins one by one.

It’s so strange that it isn’t possible to connect one button to one clip in a single media bin which is used on multiple layers. It doesn’t really make sense to me…

Br, Dl



Assuming that was the case, then you’d still have to have an interface / options to choose where to route all of your clips to. Many of us are sending a single clip to a single target. If I want the same clip in the same target I’ll do what @2bitpunk mentioned in your other post (below). And mirror the input of one source into another (or multiple). Asking your computer to play 5 clips separately is 5x-ing the playback workload, as each clip now has individual playback variables. If you need to remix all of them at different times, then that makes sense, but in the other thread you were asking about syncing them.

If you spoke about what you’re trying to accomplish and ask the forum through that approach, others might have some good input.



Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Isn’t my question quite clear? Perhaps it isn’t…and I don’t realise it. In my post about syncing clips, I also clearly state that running one clip on five layers at the same time is not a problem at all. It’s only when I try to sync them that the problem starts. But if I start all five clips at the same time (with a button), they run smoothly at the same time.



How do I mirror a source from one layer into another?



One simple way was answered for you in your other post by @2bitpunk:

On your second layer you choose the first layer as your source.

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Thank you. I didn’t understand that!
AND there is a pre-FX option, that’s great!

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Yes, the ‘Layer (Pre-FX)’ data source is such a great idea