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Hey everyone!

This is a thread for people who live in the New York area.



Oh hey this is me, I live in NYC! Where are the good places for doing video in town these days anyway?



I’m currently working out of Bushwick, and from what I understand. There are quite a few places that would appreciate some good visuals. The big venue around here is “Brooklyn Mirage,” Probably one of the larger venues in the city right now, for anything music related.
There are smaller venues nearby such as “Jupiter Disco,” “Lot 45,” “The Keep,” Or even the newly opened “Wyckoff Beer Garden.” All depends on your idea of a dope spot, or what’s worthwhile for you.



I live in NJ, but I drive into NYC and Brooklyn on the weekly. So I’m gonna say hey too! I kinda travel with my beamers to any venue I get drafted into. That would def be a super useful thread as to best places in your city ( insert city name ) ha ha start a fancy .CSV

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Whatever Happened to SHARE or BYOB?!



I was just talking to @laserpilot about Share, apparently it still goes on and it is like walking distance for me so I have like 0 excuses to not go to the next one.

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Just had a great weekend at the Maker Fair this weekend with the kids, was really sad the dark room was kinda meh in comparison to other projection and visual arts represented at the fair this year.

We should have a NYC Class hangout and team up next year!

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This upcoming “Legal Basics Every Artist Should Know” event looks interesting.

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Right outsie of NYC in NJ (25min train ride) We have a live beat and visual treats for all the visualists here.

Called the FREQshow -
OCT 20th 4 O’CLOCK SHARP! to 8pm
247 Market Street Paterson, NJ, 07505

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VDMX intro LVL workshop popping up at Zerospace in NYC,
SEPT 27th 12-2PM for a long lunch.
136 W 33rd St. NY, NY - right next to Pennstation.
FREE WORKSHOP and tour of ZeroSpace museum hours!

Come by ZeroSpace and get a taste of the higher frequencies of musical performance and graphic manipulation. (



I just saw the Zerospace post, wondering through what channels it was organized? I would be interested in doing something similar with a focus on ISF implementation in VDMX & the other popular VJ tools that now support it (also wouldn’t mind checking out the installation without dropping $50!).


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Hello there,
newly registered, and joining the New York conversation :slight_smile:

I missed @Fatblood’s workshop at Zerospace because it was during my work hours; when is the next one coming up? (I hope it was a good enough turn out that they’d keep you in the loop to do more). Also, would love a ISF implementation focus as @doctormojo mentioned.

Sharing an update: I was curious if the nyc was still going, and was told it is every 4th Sunday. They should be posting it on their Facebook group:

Also while I am at it, I will be performing live visuals with some great musicians, as part of a bigger collaboration, this Thursday Night, Oct 10th, 9pm at Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn. If any one is nearby:


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