Favorite MIDI controller thread


Has anyone tried using the black & white keys of a MIDI keyboard to trigger visuals instead of buttons?



Bob, I haven’t done that in a while, but back in the days of my Oxygen 8…



It isn’t a MIDI controller, but this looks like a super handy device for splitting MIDI signals:

(where was this when I needed it 15 years ago???)

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I’m considering either Push1, beatstep pro, akai apc40, novation launch controlxl? Anyone using any of these in conjunction with Ableton? My idea is to use the same device on both platforms. Potentially using it with my Ipad too.

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I’m a NI fanboy.

Maschine MK3 midi controller
Komplete Kontrol Mk2 midi keyboard

Also, I have a pioneer DJ controller



To my experience AKAI’s devices are particularly interesting in terms of price/quality ratio. With time I have accumulated a certain number of them (APC40 mk2, APC mini, MPD26, MPD218); never had any problem with them.



I have various controllers from my DJing. Will dig out my FaderFox at some point but at the moment I’m loving the Traktor Kontrol F1. Pads are mapped to the clips in the bin and on Shift they are used to turn effects on and off. Also use the Kontrol X1 for cross fader and additional controls. Both and nice and compact.

Would love to know if I can get the status of a clip in the bin echo’ed to the F1 so the pads can light up if that clip is already playing. Can get the pads to light up for the effects status but can’t find the highlighted clip to link to midi.

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I recently had a falling out with my novation Launch XL upgraded to a faderfox EC4. its a beast with the pages of labeling master high res midi, midi echo pickup and monitoring with bar/number modes, and the easy to update and backup setting and pages upon pages of groups and groups of up to 4096 variables in a pocket sized usb with analog midi i/o. Only thing missing is a velocity triggers vs pot toggles (I can dream).

I fixed the novation and will probably keep it cause its been a tank, I also occasionally use my Kmix as a controller and midi monitor for misc sound related midi controlling in VDMX.

keep in mind I think he makes these in small batches, he also makes customs.



hmm, I’ve been considering getting a Novation Launchcontrol XL for all its faders/knobs, but haven’t yet. Right now I’ve been using my Arturia Beatstep, and I enjoy the encoders and multiple memories/pages to toggle between… except it requires good head-memory or labeling to keep track of what does what when jumping between pages, haha.
The Faderfox you mention @Fatblood seems great, I like that it has a display to tell what’s what.

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