Adding a live remote feed with OBS Ninja

I shared part of this as a reply in another thread but thought it’s probably worth having as it’s own thread so it’s easier to find. As we are still in the midst of a pandemic and a lot of stuff is being done remotely this set-up might be useful to others.

Back in March when the UK went into lockdown a mate of mine (based in Cape Town, South Africa) and myself (based in the Essex, UK) started a weekly DJ broadcast every Friday ( Innitially it was audio only via

More recently we added monthly guest to the broadcast with visuals. I was looking for a way to bring the guests webcam feed into the mix and found a tool called OBS.Ninja.

It’s designed to bring webcam and chat rooms into OBS broadcasts. It’s a really powerful tool that’s browser based and “idiot proof” on the broadcasting end. You simple create a URL for the remote camera. They open the URL and enable their webcam and you can then feed that live feed into OBS.

The tool is free and creates a direct peer to peer browser based connection so its ideal for feeding into VDMX via the browser input. There are many advanced setting that will let you refine your setup.

Here is and example from our last broadcast (still finding my way around VDMX after many years away from the project):

My setup:
MacBook Pro 16"
Video from DJ via OBS.Ninja
Audio from DJ rebroadcast via Mixlr (as a result the video is not in sync with the audio but as we are running loads of effects it’s not an issue for this setup)
Broadcast to


I recommend you check out by CultureHub. It’s a web app utilizing WebRTC and provides multiple inputs for sound and video. It’s often paired with OBS to window capture individual feeds to mix into a livestream.


Looks like that works very much the same as One plus for is it works in Safari tho it does perform better in Chrome.

All give it a test in the next week. Cheers

thanks for posting both of these options.

I’ve been doing weekly streams with a dj - me in nyc, dj in chicago - via a cloud encoding service/server.

It works but theres the usual 20second ish rtmp lag, and my video is getting encoded 2x and ends up looking kinda like mush without any way for me to make it look better.

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Yeah but look deeper at livelab and you’ll find you can create multiple assignable mixers for input streams of video or sound, and have the result in it’s own window that you can then capture/stream. Really don’t need VDMX in the picture unless you plan to apply effects or do FFT stuff.